S.O.S - Stock Our Shelves

Your help is desperately needed to ensure that our shelves are stocked with items to help meet the basic needs of underprivileged students and their families. Your generosity can provide a much-needed meal, a warm coat, a new toy for the holiday season, essential school supplies, or even just the reassurance that someone truly cares.

Your support is critical

Record numbers of people are being helped until they can get assistance through government programs or until they can grow towards self-reliance. Your gift and support will meet their most fundamental needs, providing them with the basics many of us take for granted.

We encourage you to be generous in your shopping or consider making a financial donation. As a well-established and nationally recognized charity, we have long-term partnerships that enable us to purchase goods at deep discounts. By contributing financially, we can pool your donation with others to make large bulk purchases. So not only is it more convenient for you, it allows us to assist even more students in need.

However you choose to help, THANK YOU. We appreciate you acknowledging our emergency distress signal and encourage you to share these needs with others. YOU can make a difference.

Granite Education Foundation exists to reduce learning barriers for students (primarily those that emerge from poverty), and to enhance the overall capacity of instructors and administrators—in ways that complement but are beyond the District’s academic-focused objectives. In very specific terms, Granite Education Foundation (GEF) provides food, new clothing, public transportation, and other forms of assistance to underprivileged students so they can attend school ready to learn.